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We are the experts in trade finance connectivity, providing guidance, tools, and services to clients globally

Our History

While The Little Coding Company was born in 2019, our history started well before. The team consists of top-class engineers and entrepreneurs who have spent two decades in FinTech, providing the thought leadership that led to the first B2B trade portals. Our team has significant experience in trade finance, blockchain, ERP and cloud integration, as well as the practicalities of customer deployments in this new world of data privacy, compliance, and security.

Our Vision

We believe in a financial market where buyers, suppliers, financers, and all trade participants are directly connected in a secure standardised way, whether through the use of blockchain, direct APIs or both. The Little Coding Company is here to enable you to connect to your customers regardless of the software they use or their level of sophistication, in a scalable and affordable way.

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How we can help

There have been many advancements in the world of trade finance, with new business models and program types. Open account financing and payables financing in particular becoming more popular due to the current climate. Regardless of the trade finance program we believe that providing fast, cost-effective connectivity between partners is key to an improved financing process. We despise file uploads and complex data formats, we believe that a buyer and supplier have to much burden placed on them in order to participate in financing programs. Our tools allow a more efficient process for financing all round.

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