TLC for Trade Finance

For trade finance, as in life, connectivity is key

We’re excited to announce that The Little Coding Company has launched, a long time coming. This is a great yet muted day for us.

With all new ventures there is uncertainty but today’s environment is extraordinary. We find ourselves in a period of extreme uncertainty – in the midst of a raging pandemic in which certain sectors are completely shutting down, while others, such as medical and food chain, have never seen demand as large.

We’re all doing our bit and it’s humbling to see humanity stand together and do what’s right.

So here we are, The Little Coding Company. What’s our “bit”?

We can help companies that are straining to keep going, and companies needing to expand rapidly to cope with demand. How? By enabling fast access to working capital for Corporates to Financers.

We focus on a specific area of trade finance – Corporate Enablement. Our approach is an improvement to traditional integration, which tends to be hugely complex, costly, and time consuming. We keep it simple and efficient by using next generation tools.

The Little Coding Company is a systems integrator and software vendor to the trade finance industry. Our team of experts has been an integral part of the next wave of trade finance consortiums, projects and trends for several years. At the heart of each initiative is a basic need to directly and securely connect corporates to funders.

For funders (banks, financers and trade finance platforms), we offer technology to originate more invoices by directly connecting you to more borrowers. Direct connections reduce error, and thus risk, and increase efficiency. If you need to originate more invoices or gain more customers, we can help.

For corporates, we offer a ‘one stop shop’ to connect you to financing platforms. If you are looking for working capital solutions or are struggling with the complexity of accessing financing platforms from different providers, we have a solution.

In this age of coronavirus, working capital is key to survival. We can help.