Introducing the Gateway to Finance, a game changer in trade finance connectivity. Simply put, the Gateway connects ERP and Accounting systems with financial platforms.

We do things a ‘little’ differenly. The Gateway to Finance is not an ordinary integration platform. It is specifically tailored for the needs of trade finance professionals.

The Gateway gives secure access to trading information such as Invoices, Payments, Adjustments, and Trading Party details, all available in a cloud based portal or directly from a modern API.

See how it can help your business:

For Financers and Finance Platform Vendors

Do you find integration to your customers and their trading partners burdensome? Are you still moving files around with email or FTP? Do you find that scaling your integrations to thousands of customers is cost prohibitive?

The Gateway to Finance gives you a simple way to augment your current finance system and add scalable integration technology with minimum effort.

Are you looking for White Label tools and solutions to augment your platform? You’ve come to the right place.

For the Enterprise or large corporate

Do you find that you are maintaining several costly integration projects to multiple finance providers? Do you wish you could connect to you provider directly and still maintain control of your data? Do you suffer from portal fatigue? Yet another password to maintain.

The Gateway to Finance is your friend. The Gateway will allow you to connect to one or more of your ERP systems and securely expose pertinent information to your financial institutions or providers.

The Gateway will also aggregate receivables and payables across all ERP’s to give you a global view of your cash flow.

For Micro and Small to Medium Enterprises

Small companies are struggling the most during these COVID uncertain times. Using the Gateway to Finance is the quickest way to onboard to a finance provider and in as little as three clicks you can be connected and on your way to receiving a working capital injection.

No need to perform data exports or copy three years of financial information, we directly link your provider to your accounting system and the job is done.