Managing working capital and supply chain sustainability in a large corporate environment is complex. Our aim is to simplify this by giving you tools to control access to your financers and give greater visibility to your trading data.

Do you suffer from any of these commmon problems faced by large corporates?:

  • Working capital needs are fluctuating wildly due to uncertain demand
  • Visibility of your recievables and payables is restricted because you own multiple ERP systems
  • The need to work with more than one trade finance provider
  • Creation and maintenance of several data formats required by multiple providers
  • The cost of any integration to a finance provider locks you in and prohibits flexibility
  • You are innundated with offers from vendors and finance providers but unable to ‘try them out’ due to IT resource constraints
  • You wish to sell more of your receivables but finding the right financer is difficult

This is where we can help. Our flagship product, the Gateway to Finance links directly to your ERP systems and allows you to expose your trading data to financers in an extremely simple and quick fashion. You still keep control of your data and can rescind access at any time.

See the Gateway to Finance demo above. We can link all your ERP’s together into a consolidated view and allow you to safely expose your data to the financer of your choice.

  • Receivables/Payables aggregation – one view across the whole organisation
  • Reporting engine
  • Direct access to trade finance providers
  • Manage multiple-programs with one system
  • Receivables/Payables notifications
  • Simple user interface
  • Control of your own data – who sees it and when
  • No more file uploads or data exports

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