The Gateway 2 Finance works with and enhances your existing platform to easily connect you to your customers and their trading partners. We link your customer accounting and ERP systems directly to you. As a financer or financing platform, this allows you to focus on your core offering and provide the best financing service possible.

  • Direct access to your customers accounting/ERP systems
  • Near real-time data updates
  • Credit analysis tools
  • Manage multiple programs/filters
  • One connection to many customers regardless of their ERP system
  • Corporate onboarding scalable to thousands of corporates and their trading partners regardless of technology

With the Gateway to Finance you can finally do away with file uploads and the messy processes they bring. Simply invite your customer onto the system, we’ll take care of the rest.

Connect once to the Gateway to Finance and you have instant access to easy customer onboarding.

See how it works…

Our library of connectors is growing. If we do not yet have a connector you require or have some custom integration needs, we are happy to discuss. Our aim is to offer a one stop shop for trade finance connectivity.

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