Introducing the Gateway to Finance

Your gateway to brighter working capital

The Little Coding Company (TLC) is delighted to announce a game changer in trade connectivity solutions, the Gateway to Finance. The first independent tool specifically designed to ease the burden on corporates when connecting to and maintaining trade finance programs.

The system has been designed from the ground up to connect corporate ERP systems directly to funding sources in as little as three clicks.

“We found that the majority of existing trade finance solutions out there require corporates to create data files in specific formats, or send email, spreadsheets, or sign-up to a series of different portals and technologies”, said Andrew Berti, CEO of The Little Coding Company. “Not only is this cumbersome for the corporates, it is a barrier to entry for the financers also”

For financers – connect once to our gateway and find out how easy it is to connect to all your customers. Avoid file uploads, spreadsheets, and integration inefficiencies. Get access to new customer channels that were previously uneconomic to service.

For corporates – no more file uploads, one login, work directly within your existing ERP/Accounting system, reach multiple finance program providers. Future-proof your financial integration needs and take back control of your data.

TLC is an independent company providing agnostic connectivity solutions to the international trade finance market.  This model enables us to be impartial in the trade chain and provide a better customer experience.

Our cloud-based solutions, using the newest technologies, are designed for scale and can bring thousands of companies together.  We are interoperable with all types of architecture including cloud, on-premise, and blockchain systems.

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